The Scenic Sidewalk

the eyes have it

Ever feel like you’re being stared at? More proof that you aren’t paranoid here.

(Top two) Fort Greene, May 2008

(Bottom) Williamsburg, May 2008


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These are awesome…I love being in an ordinary frame of mind, walking down the street looking at things in an ordinary unconscious way, and then…something like this just breaks that humdrum and lightens me up. It’s so simple, comic even, but can be pondered existentially…
very inspiring posts, my dear. Makes me feel like an incomplete human being until I’ve also created some kind of public art. It’s takes what you have to express to such a different dimension.

Comment by manjari

Especially this one with the cops. It feels as if someone is watching the ones who think they are the ones watching; And by contrast to their serious, institutional representation of that watchfulness, the eyes seem to represent someone sensitive, spontaneous, funny, and childish yet implicitly clever.

Comment by manjari

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