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There were tons of Obama murals all over Miami, and you know what?  Some of them looked nothing like him.  This homage was spot on, though, purposeful gaze and all.

Wynwood, Miami.  January 2009.

Artist: Mr. Brainwash

October, 2008
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Vandals notwithstanding…

NYC, October 2008.

obama rama
September, 2008
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street artists step out for Obama. these stencils are from the old croton aqueduct, august 08.

(and don’t forget this one, or these.)

team obama

Hillary joins Team Obama. Houston Street, NYC. June 2008.

democracy in action
March, 2008
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The view of things, from sea to shining sea. Obama and Hillary from NYC to SF.

NYC, above (Jan 08). Artist: Elbowtoe

SF, below (Feb 08).