The Scenic Sidewalk

see them smile
July, 2010
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Another one from the archives–

Smith Street, Brooklyn.

November 2009

Artist: Elbowtoe

every time i hear a plane
August, 2008
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The painted-over strip of masking tape above the image (and below, not pictured) used to read: every time i hear a plane, i still look up and fear the worst.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. June 2008. Artist: Elbowtoe

bluebird #2
August, 2008
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Found this past weekend along the Gowanus, right next to the Yard. Brooklyn, NY.

Artist: Elbowtoe

democracy in action
March, 2008
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The view of things, from sea to shining sea. Obama and Hillary from NYC to SF.

NYC, above (Jan 08). Artist: Elbowtoe

SF, below (Feb 08).