The Scenic Sidewalk

fresh ellis
May, 2008
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Another reason to take the F train. Bergen and Smith St, Brooklyn, May 2008.

Artist: Ellis G

Trash Chalk
January, 2008
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Another shadow traced by Brooklyn chalker Ellis G. Found yesterday morning in front of Bar Tabac on Smith Street.

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more chalk
December, 2007
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Found this over the weekend, before it started to rain. Artist: Ellis G.

chalk it up
December, 2007
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Ellis G. is a guy who lives in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. He chalks shadows on the walls, on the streets: lampposts, hydrants, bicycles. I’ve never seen him in action, but the cops have; in October, he was arrested for chalking. With chalk. While a documentary about him was being filmed. (Daily News) Stranger things have happened, right? Right. A few days before that, a 6 year old girl was given a citation by local authorities for coloring on her stoop with chalk. Best quote of the story was from the mom: “This drawing was not her best work — she usually sticks to cheerful scenes, not abstracts, frankly.” Brilliant. (Brooklyn Paper)