The Scenic Sidewalk

Horned damsel
January, 2012
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San Francisco CA
December 2011

El Mac Truck
November, 2011
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El Mac makes his mark on the back of a truck–
In the Mission, San Francisco, October 2011

just swinging
February, 2011
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in the mission, san francisco

december 2010

photo: katherine obertance

get up
October, 2010
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spotted in San Francisco by the lovely Julia Fleischaker–

California, October 2010.

artist: Get up?

night walk
September, 2008
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An offering from the streets of San Francisco, graciously dispatched by Ted.

Remember her sisters? And her other sisters?

San Francisco, CA. July 2008.

phoenix rising
June, 2008
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San Francisco, February 2008.

Artist: Reyes

amoeba sampler




Just some of the stuff in the alley behind Amoeba on Haight.

San Francisco, Feb 08.