The Scenic Sidewalk

Horned damsel
January, 2012
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San Francisco CA
December 2011

El Mac Truck
November, 2011
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El Mac makes his mark on the back of a truck–
In the Mission, San Francisco, October 2011

just swinging
February, 2011
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in the mission, san francisco

december 2010

photo: katherine obertance

get up
October, 2010
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spotted in San Francisco by the lovely Julia Fleischaker–

California, October 2010.

artist: Get up?

night walk
September, 2008
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An offering from the streets of San Francisco, graciously dispatched by Ted.

Remember her sisters? And her other sisters?

San Francisco, CA. July 2008.

phoenix rising
June, 2008
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San Francisco, February 2008.

Artist: Reyes

amoeba sampler




Just some of the stuff in the alley behind Amoeba on Haight.

San Francisco, Feb 08.

a place to roost
March, 2008
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This piece was outside a shop/gallery near the Haight in San Francisco. Clearly commissioned, but still—awesome.

February 08.

street cleaning
March, 2008
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More evidence of San Francisco stickering. Look closely and you’ll recognize some faces from previous posts. Feb 2008.

more california girls



San Francisco, Feb. 2008.

More portraits of these SF ladies; click here.

More examples of the postal sticker frenzy; click here.