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shepard fairy gets around

top: A first grade class in Miami, FL celebrates Inauguration Day. 2009.

second: Brooklyn, NY. 2010.  Union Street bridge.

third: Paris, France.  May 2007.

fourth: Los Angeles, CA. May 2008.

fifth: Austin, Texas. November 2009.

bottom: Austin, Texas. November 2009.

Artist: Shepard Fairy

obey miami
February, 2009
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Obey Giant in Wynwood, Miami.  January 2009. (Scroll for detail.)




war by numbers
December, 2008
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This photo was taken in Soho, NYC in August of 2007; the piece, by Shepherd Fairy, is called War by Numbers.  The most startling element of the image is missing from the paste-up.

You can see the full version here.

(Think it would make a great t-shirt?  So did Urban Outfitters.)