The Scenic Sidewalk


Hail to the wanderers who keep their cameras close and their eyes open, and send us dispatches from wherever they go:

MIMI BARK is a NY-based graphic designer who specializes in book covers, although she’d be happy to design an invitation or business card for you.  You can see more of her work here.

SEAN HARVEY is a travel writer and musician who lives in New York City, works for Google, and travels in the developing world as much as he can.

MICHELE KARAS is a writer who has been devoted to the arts her entire life. A painter in another life—past or future, she can’t say which—she currently divides her time between Long Island City, Queens, and a mystical place called Smallpeace.

ANDREA LYNCH takes pictures during work trips to Latin America with the Pentax K1000 her parents gave her on her 13th birthday. Since 1989, she & her camera have visited 19 countries.

SMASTERS lives in NY with a growing art collection and a passport that is rapidly running out of pages.

MELISSA MATLINS is an engaging urbanist, an architecture and design enthusiast, a materials specialist, a classic rock connoisseur, an environmental savior and a resident of Brooklyn.

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