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wee folk
January, 2008
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Thanks to the powers of the interweb, I found this swell blog from a guy who carves tiny little people and sends them off into the streets of London “to fend for themselves.”

A fat little lady worries about her weight; a guy leaves church on the steps of a church; a little boy with water wings floats in a manhole. You want to see this!

Check out the Little People blog here.


reverse graffiti
January, 2008
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Sometimes, making your mark isn’t about adding, but about stripping away. Artists in Sao Paolo and the UK have been creating graffiti on dirty urban walls by doing something revolutionary—cleaning them. (See links for more information and images.)

“‘Cleaning’ is not a crime.” —Alexandre Orion

“I’m waiting for the kind of Monty Python court case where exhibit A is a pot of cleaning fluid and exhibit B is a pair of my old socks.”—Moose

(who knew? these guys.)

January, 2008
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Brighton, UK, just across from the marina. April 2007.